These folks, The Extraordinary Contraptions, are a Steampunk-styled rock band who produce some really great music. Their on-stage characters are colorful and fun, they’re all really passionate about their music, they know when to not take themselves seriously, and they put on a fantastic show. (In fact, I recommend seeing them live because Dmitri’s bass stylings are amazing and they tend to be somewhat muted in their studio recordings for whatever reason?)

I say this because Lander and I were contributors to the kickstarter for their most recent release and I am FINALLY listening to it and HOMG YES GOOD I WANT TO RUB MY FACE ON IT FOREVER AND HAVE IT IN MY EARS ALWAYS.

(Also? The members of the band are really good people. Seriously. They try to be as approachable to fans as possible, they are fun to be around, and I feel really lucky to count them as friends.)

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